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What the Hell is Terremoto?

In the strictest sense of the (Spanish) word it means an earthquake but Central American folks often use it to refer to a kid with a ton of energy - a holy terror. Apparently it's used in Italian as well but not the way the Central Americans use it from what I can tell. In any event I liked the way it sounded so I decided to use it for my domain name. I've also been interested in earthquakes ever since the 'huge one' in Alaska that went off on my birthday forty years ago. I've always threatened to build a seismometer and some day I just might do so. It's not like the old days when you had charts to change and pens to replace. Nowadays everything is collected on a PC. When it's done that way there's more you can get out of the data as well.

Anyhow..., I was getting a bit sidetracked there. This site originally started out as page derived from my Mozilla bookmarks. It sat all by it's lonesome on a OpenBSD box running Apache. Everything sat behind a firewall and was only accessible on the household network. It was my 'Intranet' but I wanted to learn more about putting things out on the net and keeping the bad guys at bay and all that so I registered "terremoto.ca" and it's been a work in progress ever since.

One of the first big changes was when I set up Blosxom by Rael Dornfest and turned it into a 'blog'. Thinking up stuff to write is not as easy as one might think but it is fun. It keeps me out of trouble. As time rolled by I decided I needed to figure out CSS. That can turn into a real puzzle at times but it sure makes maintaining a website a lot easier. Next thing on the agenda is putting some kind of content management/revision control in place. That and getting some pictures put up on the Pics page.

OK..., I guess that pretty much sums it up. Basically you've stumbled upon the ramblings of a guy just trying out a few things on the net. It's kind of Western Canadian centric cause that's where I live. I'm somewhat nomadic so it could get elsewhere centric at any given moment though.

Stay tuned!

Dan W. Armeneau


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