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This is a directory of companies involved in diamond exploration and mining in Canada. The diamond industry in Canada is relatively young and mining and exploration companies come and go at regular intervals. While we make every effort to keep this directory current the volatile nature of the diamond mining industry assures this is an ongoing exercise. News concerning the Canadian Diamond Industry is covered on the Terremoto Diamond Blog. If you have any news you feel should be covered please don't hesitate to let us know.

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Note: Links Checked and Updated December 15, 2006

Diamond Mining & Exploration in Canada

Aber Diamond Corporation
  • Aber Diamond Corporation is a major player in the Canadian Diamond Industry with their 40% ownership of the Diavik Diamond Mine.
Afri-Can Marine Minerals Corp.
  • A mining company involved in the Canadian Diamond Play. Also heavily involved in alluvial diamond fields of Namibia.
Arctic Star Diamond Corp.
  • A mining company involved in the Canadian diamond industry of Northern Ontario and the Northwest Territories.
Ascot Resources Ltd.
  • A junior diamond company with property on Victoria Island in Canada's Arctic diamond fields.
Ashton Mining Canada Inc.
  • Fundamentals of Diamond Exploration.
AUGUSTA Resource Corporation
  • A mining company involved in the Canadian Diamond Play.
AURIAS Diamonds
  • The essence of purity from Canada's diamond mine. Looks like they're somehow associated with BHP Billiton which automatically makes them important.
Band-Ore Resources Ltd
  • Looks like these folks are involved in the Wawa Ontario diamond exploration business.
Bard Ventures
  • A small exploration company with interests in Nunavut, Canada.
BHP Billiton Diamonds
  • A mining company involved in the Canadian Diamond Play. One of the 'biggies'.
Blue Diamond Mining Corporation
  • Primarily involved in diamond exploration. Currently poking around in China.
Bryson Burke Diamond Corporation
  • An interesting story about diamond exploration in Quebec.
Canabrava Diamond Corp.
  • Actively exploring for diamonds in Ontario and Quebec.
  • The Canadian Diamond Certification story.
Canadian Diamond Play Café
  • Who's who in the Canadian diamond industry.
Canadian DiamondPlay.com
  • The lowdown on the players in the Canadian Diamond Industry.
Canadian Mining News - Diamonds
  • The 'Diamond News' from Canadian Mining News.
CanAlaska Ventures Ltd
  • I'm not sure if they're still involved in Canadian diamonds but they are involved in platinum and uranium.
CMKM Casavant Mining
  • A diamond exploration company involved in the Fort a la Corne district of Saskatchewan.
Currie Rose Resources
  • Minor interests in the Canadian diamond exploration business.
Dan Schulze
  • The geology of Canadian diamonds from a geology prof at the University of Toronto.
De Beers Canada
  • The name De Beers is synonymous with diamonds. Certainly one of the 'biggies'.
Diagem International Resource Corp
  • A diamond exploration, production, and marketing corporation.
  • Diamond news archives.
Diamond Intelligence Briefs
  • This is an authoritive site when it comes to news about the diamond industry.
Diamond Mining Resources
  • Diamond mining and exploration resouce page.
  • Diamond information from the American Museum of Natural History.
Diamonds In The News
  • Diamond Industry Information.
Diamonds North Resources Ltd.
  • An aggressive diamond exploration company determined to find the next Canadian diamond mine.
Diavik Diamond Mines Inc.
  • Diavik Diamond Mines is the 60% owner of the Diavik mine in a joint partnership with Aber who have a 40% interest.
Engineering and Mining Journal
  • The journal of mining technique.
Fairchild International
  • I can't see that they're still in diamonds but I'm going to leave them here anyhow. They're into bio-gas and energy generation the 'green' way. That's why they get to stay.
  • Fingerprints for diamonds.
Geodex Minerals Ltd.
  • An active force in the Canadian diamond industry.
Georgia Ventures Inc.
  • Looks like they've moved offshore to China looking for gold.
GGL Diamond Corp.
  • Big on the use of computer technology as it applies to diamond exploration.
Grizzly Diamonds
  • A diamond exploration company with predominately Alberta properties.
GSC - Geoscan
  • Geological Survey of Canada Geoscan search site. Search for 'Diamond'.
IBK Capital Corp.
  • Financing for miners.
InfoMine / Countries - Canada
  • In their own words, "The Internet's Premier Mining Information Site".
Insight Geophysics
  • A very cool bitmap of a "rendered from data" diamondiferous pipe. These are the guys that recommend good locations to send in core sampling drills. If things look good at this point the diamond mining people really start to pay attention.
JNR Resources Inc.
  • A mining company with minor interests in the Canadian diamond play. Big into uranium. Headquartered in Saskatoon.
Kennecott Canada Exploration Ltd.
  • Part of the Rio Tinto Group of Companies.
Kensington Resources Ltd.
  • Involved in a joint venture with De Beers in Fort a la Corne diamond area of Saskatchewan.
Kimberlite and Diamond Indicator Minerals in Alberta
  • Alberta Energy and Utilities Board report on the viability of diamond mining in Canada.
Lac de Gras Diamond Exploration
  • A mining company involved in the Canadian Diamond Play.
Listings British Columbia
  • Resource Industries: Mining
Mineral Services
  • Laboratory and analytical services to the diamond exploration industry.
Mountain Province Diamond Inc.
  • Kind of a cool 'Flash' intro page with weird music. Involved in a joint venture with De Beers in the Canadian diamond industry.
New Claymore Resources Ltd. CDNX - NCS
  • Looks like they're still active in Alberta diamond exploration but their domain name is up for sale.
Northern Shield Resources Inc.
  • A small Canadian diamond exploration company with properties in Canada.
Patrician Gold Mines Ltd.
  • Actively on the hunt for diamonds in Canada's north.
Rhonda Corporation - Exploration Projects
  • Right in the thick of diamond exploration in Nunavut.
Rio Tinto
  • A mining company involved in the Canadian Diamond Play. One of the 'biggies'.
Roscoe Postle Associates Inc.
  • A project management firm with experience in the Canadian diamond industry of the Northwest Territories.
Shear Minerals Ltd.
  • Involved in diamond exploration in Canada's Eastern Arctic.
Shore Gold Inc.
  • Big involvement in Saskatchewan diamond exploration.
SouthernEra Resources
  • Diamond interests in Canada and Africa.
Southwestern Resources Corp.
  • Actively involved in Ontario / Quebec diamond exploration.
Stornoway Diamond Corporation
  • A Canadian diamond exploration company with extensive properties throughout Northern Canada.
  • News for diamond mining investors.
Tahera Corporation
  • A mining company right in the middle of the Slave Craton diamond fields.
The Diamond Hunter
  • The Insider's Guide to Canada's Diamond Industry
The Mining Record
  • Mining news from around the world.
The Terremoto Diamond Blog
  • Covers news about the diamond industry in Canada.
Trivalence Mining Corporation
  • A diamond mining company with a primary focus on Africa.
Twin Mining Corporation
  • A Canadian diamond mining company with a couple of projects in Canada's north.
Vaaldiam Resources Ltd.
  • A diamond resource company with interests in Canada and Brazil.
Verena Minerals Corp.
  • Heavily focused in Brazil but minor interests in Canada.
Wemindji Exploration Inc: Company Info
  • An aboriginal owned and operated mineral exploration services company.
Wolfden Resources homepage
  • A junior exploration company out of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

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