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This is a directory of sites that cater to hobbies and pastimes. Some of the sites are about people with really interesting hobbies. I've had a few unusual hobbies over the years and this directory is indicitive of my colourful past. If there sites you know of that would be a good fit for this directory please let me know. The site will be reviewed and added if it meets my standards. If you find this site useful please let others know about it.

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Note: Links Checked and Updated December 8, 2006

Hobbies, Pastimes & Diversions

Alberta Craft Council
  • The marketing contingent for the Alberta based craftsman.
All About the Cockatoo!
  • What more can I add?
All About Locks
  • Here again, what more can I add?
American Immigration Network
  • A contingent of American Immigration lawyers.
Andreas' Project
  • Experiments with gas turbines - looks like real fun.
Ars Libri - Book Binder
  • A very unique studio located in Edmonton.
  • The online resource for bartenders.
  • For the satellite dish experimenter and hobbyist.
  • Edmonton game developer.
Black Riders Design - Resource Links
  • This virtual library provides a modest and somewhat random selection of links to design, typography and technology related web sites.
Campbell Scientific
  • Cool scientific instruments for your 'projects'.
Canadian Arrow
  • A Canadian X-Prize contender.
Canadian Information by Subject
  • Brought to you from the bottomless pockets of the Canadian government.
Component Problems: Taiwan Capacitors
  • Watch for 'bulged' or 'blown' capacitors on used computers.
Computer Magazines - a CompInfo Directory
  • A CompInfo directory of IT magazines.
Correctional Institute Supplies and Gadgets
  • Some weird stuff here folks. I suppose somebody may be interested though.
Delton Veterinary Hospital
  • An avian vet out of Edmonton.
Digital Speech Project
  • The Digital Speech Project works to reclaim your rights trampled by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and related technology control schemes.
Dish Guides
  • For the satellite dish experimenter and hobbyist.
  • Some Alberta outfit doing satellite & wireless.
Edmonton Hispanic Bilingual Association
  • Learn some Spanish for that trip to Mexico.
Edmonton Police Service Library
  • Interesting bunch of links here.
Edmonton Royal Astronomical Society
  • Get your feet wet in astronomy.
Edmonton Rocketry Club
  • A bunch of amateurs, some of which launch 'High Power' rockets.
E-How - 15,000 How-to Solutions
  • I guess there's not much more I can add to that.
Electronic News
  • News from the electronics world.
Escape Artist - Become an Expatriate
  • How to live away from your home country in a tax free jurisdiction.
Extreme Mhz :: View topic - Flagship Case Worklog
  • Some guys extreme case modification.
Find it here FAST!
  • I guess that pretty much says it all.
Firearms Registry
  • Time to dig out grandpa's six shooter and register it with the feds.
Gas Turbines
  • If you want to generate a lot of horsepower then you need one of these.
Global Auction Guide
  • Find an auction sale for just about anything.
Graphics Related Links
  • A good bunch of graphics related sites.
Harriet Fell's Home Page
  • Definitely a 'homey' type home page.
Horse A Cappella Flash Site
  • A well done "Flash" animation.
  • The mother load of all information I suppose.
Information for Canadians Abroad
  • A government site with information for travellers mostly.
Interesting Devices Discussion Forum
  • Discuss your interesting device here.
IP Radio Control
  • An interesting way to control your 'bot'.
  • A unique way of creating color for color displays.
Meals for You - Recipes, Nutrition, etc.
  • Eat right and avoid eating related complications.
  • Great prices, great service, great selection of computer hardware.
Newbrook Meteorite Observatory
  • An interesting historical vignette of the Newbrook, Alberta Meteorite Observatory.
North Coast Knives
  • Everything you need to make your own knife.
Pet Bird Care Topics
  • How to care for your avian friends.
Planned Parrothood.
  • Parrot website for people owned by their parrots.
Public Knowledge
  • Dedicated to bring you the facts.
Robot Books.com
  • Robot kits, robotics, and toy robots.
Russell Sporting Goods
  • A mail-order sporting goods supply outfit out of Calgary.
Sam Barros Power Labs
  • An interesting site that puts science to work.
S and S Turbines
  • A childhood friend who plays with jet engines for a living.
Science Alberta Foundation
  • Making science accessible.
Sheldon Brown's Home Page
  • An interesting site with a real 'homemade' look.
Sopel - West Coast Stone Sculptor
  • A stone sculptor with an interesting record of a jade Buddha carving.
Spooky Flash Site!
  • Fortune telling website.
Strathcona Remote Control Flyers
  • A remote control flying club from out Edmonton way.
Technology Resources Netscape
  • From the Conflict Research Consortium a site on how to build a site.
The Umbrella Cockatoo
  • All about the Umbrella Cockatoo.
Totem Outfitters
  • A camping supply outfit out of Edmonton.
Tourism Offices Worldwide
  • Information for tourists.
Travellers Health Information
  • A good source of information of health information for travellers.
University of Alberta Virtual Museum
  • This is an interesting site from the University of Alberta.
Virtual Museum of Canada
  • Here's one for the whole country.
Welcome To the da Vinci Project
  • Canada's first X-Prize contender and now a space tourism site.
Western Canadian Outdoor News
  • The title pretty much sums it up.
Wheat Buckley: Le Art Department? Art We Cool?
  • The screen printing shop that does the 'OpenBSD' T-Shirts.
World Web
  • Web travel guide for world destinations.
Writers Guild of Alberta
  • Join up and become a famous Alberta writer.

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