Happy 100th Birthday Gram – Have a Great Day!

Happy 100th Birthday Gram

Congratulations Gram! It’s hard to imagine you were born 100 years ago today. You’re an inspiration to us all. If I make it to a hundred I can only hope that I do it with the grace and dignity you have. And to still have all my marbles would be a huge bonus.

Just a couple of things about my Gram. Her name is Anne McDonald and she lives in Edmonton. Of course she’s an Edmonton Oilers fan and rarely misses a game. She thinks nothing of trotting down to Jasper Avenue and catching the bus out to West Edmonton Mall to do a little shopping from time to time. If you phoned her up and asked her if she wanted to go fishing she would be ready to go by the time you got there. She used to be a hell of shot with her pump-action 22 and could shoot things tossed into the air. I have no doubt she could still do it.

Anyhow Gram…, I’m sure you’re going to have a busy day but then again I’ll bet there’s been a few busy days in the last 36,525 days.

Just as a bit of a curiousity 100 years equals:

  • 3,155,760,000 seconds
  • 52,596,000 minutes
  • 876,600 hours
  • 36,525 days
  • 5217 weeks