World’s First Commercial Quantum Computer Demonstrated

From the “now that’s cool” Department ::

Aprivately held company based in Burnaby, British Columbia has today unveiled the world’s first job ready quantum computer. D-Wave claims their quantum computer will be a complement to conventional computers and is not intended as a replacement. Today’s demonstation was at the Computer History Museum in the heart of Silicon Valley and a follow-up demonstation is scheduled in Vancouver, British Columbia later this week.

Quantum computers are capable of computation beyond the capabilities of today’s – and likely tommorow’s – digital computers. If everything pans out this will likely be regarded as a breakthrough tool for those involved in complex computer modelling. Medical, aerospace, nanotechnology, and earth sciences should be able to make good use of quantum computing and now there’s a machine available to do some serious number crunching.

I’m sure the skeptics will be out in full force as it has been the consensus of many that quantum computers were years down the road. D-Wave appears to have harnessed the brain power required and I wish them all the success in the universe in putting any skepticism to rest.

A full account of the D-Wave news release is available here. I’ve also created a link to D-Wave’s career oportunities page in my employment directory for any brainiacs out there up to the challenge.

::UPDATE:: February 14, 2007

There’s some decent discussion on the Orion Quantum Computer at the following blogs. Geordie Rose, the CTO is a part of those discussions. Very interesting but way over my head.

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