What you have here is a list of links to annotated directories covering a wide and interesting range of subjects. I’m sure there’s more than one subject here that will grab your attention and there’s more being added on a regular basis. The links are checked quite often for connectivity and if a site remains down for too long it gets removed from it’s respective directory.

Alberta Education Job Opportunities

  • A directory of most of the school districts in Alberta. The links go directly to employment opportunities page so that you don’t have to waste time hunting it down.

BSD & Unix

  • Everything you need to know about BSD & Unix. Heavy emphasis on FreeBSD & OpenBSD because they’re robust.

Business & Business Ideas

  • Various links to business ideas and business resources mainly directed at those looking to be an entrepreneur.

Calligraphy, Calligraphers, Pens, & Ink

  • A bunch of annotated links to calligraphy websites, calligrapher’s websites, & calligraphy supplies online. Lots of hard to find calligraphy stuff.

Career & Employment Opportunities

  • A whole bunch of links pointing directly to the career and employment pages of companies in Western Canada. The links are updated on a regular basis.

Computer Industry Certification

  • In an effort to narrow down the choices of prospective employees most corporations want you to have some sort of certification that supposedly indicates some level of proficiency. This directory will help you gain your certification.

Computers & Networking

  • A bunch of links pertaining to computers and their network connectivity. Lots of good links for network and system administrators.

Diamond Industry in Canada

  • A good directory of mining and exploration companies involved in the fledgling Canadian diamond industry.

Employment Agencies & Job Boards

  • For those that prefer to use the services of an employment agency or plow through various job boards. Most of the links cater to the Western Canadian labour market but there are also links for those that might be interested in finding employment in tropical climates.

Fonts & Font Resources

  • For font collectors and font lovers or those that just want to know what the fonts going on.

Graphics Resources

  • Lots of excellent links for graphics art professionals and those aspiring to be so.

Hobbies & Such

  • A directory of hobby websites and people with odd and unusal hobbies. There’s a few nuggets of knowlege here.

Information Security

  • A directory of websites that will assist you in your endeavour to keep your data secure or the bad guys out of your system.

Job Hunting Resources

  • For those that are really interested in finding gainful employment there is a goldmine of information here. Whether it be redoing your résumé or drafting a cover letter there’s some excellent resources here. Also links to out of town newspapers so you can check out the job availability down the road.

Linux & GNU Things

  • If Linux is your operating system of choice then check out this directory of Linux related goodness.

News Blogs & Regular Blogs

  • Just a few links to various news blogs. It doesn’t get updated as regularly as some of the other directories but it’s relevant just the same.

Open Source Software

  • A good directory of top quality OSS (Open Source Software). I use a lot of OSS and can assure you there is some top quality stuff out there and in many cases beats the proprietary equivalent hands down.

Sasquatch – Bigfoot

  • For anybody wanting more information on the Sasquatch, or Bigfoot as it’s referred to by our southern cousins.

Science & Technology

  • An interesting directory of science and technology sites. We live in interesting times.

Scripting & Scripting Languages

  • A directory of programming languages with an emphasis on scripting. A lot of web programming revolves around these scripting languages.

Shareware and Freeware

  • A sorts of links for hunting down all those little shareware and freeware utilities you just can’t live without.

Sign Shops

  • I’m into signs, especially well done signs. This is a directory of sign shops that rise above the crowd.

Tutorials & How-To’s

  • The web is full of sites that tell you how to do things. Some are better than others so I’ve attempted to compile a directory of sites that are a notch above the rest. I have lots of links to be added soon. Check back often.

Web Authoring & Website Development

  • There is a lot of information you can find here if your desire is to become a webmaster. The technology is constantly evolving so I try and keep this directory as current as possible. Lots of links to be added here right away.