Bilderberg Group in Ottawa to Plan Future History

From the “It’s got to be a conspiracy” Department ::

The A-list of world movers and shakers are meeting in Ottawa from June 8th to 11th. They aren’t your everyday news makers but they are a significant force in what makes the news. Who are these shadowy folks? They’re the Bilderberg Group and they have taken over the high end Brook Street Resort just a few minutes out of Ottawa. They have shaped history since their first meeting 52 years ago when they met at the Bilderberg Hotel in the Netherlands. It’s the hotel name that gives them their moniker.

These aren’t your everyday folk and there isn’t much information on them although I did run across a few interesting search engine results when I Googled their name and followed a few of those links. It appears they are the boss of the bosses – el jefe supremo.

Go ahead and waste the rest of the day doing a little internet research on the Bilderberg Group. It’s scary really. I think these are the parasites Grandpa Dew used to talk about.

Anyhow…, gotta run!

Hasta La Bye-Bye Señor Power Junkie