DeBeers Opens Diamond Display Centre, First Nations Say Canadian Diamonds Not Conflict Free

From the “expensive rocks” Department ::

DeBeers have opened a Diamond Display Centre located in their Toronto Headquarters. Apparently it chronicles the history of the diamond industry covering such subjects as the science of diamonds, what geologists look for, the steps involved in cutting and polishing diamonds and the engineering involved in diamond mining. Sounds like a real interesting place to visit.

In other news a First Nations group in Ontario is trying to convince the American diamond mining public that Canadian diamonds are explored for and mined at the expense of its people. In other words, they’re not conflict free. The Canadian diamond industry has worked hard at promoting their diamonds as “conflict free”. They use advanced marking technology to identify Canadian diamonds as being mined in Canada in an effort to distance themselves from the brutal conflicts in Africa financed with so called, “blood diamonds”. I can’t quite figure out why the First Nations people in Canada haven’t brought this up before.

Anyhow…, stay tuned for further news concerning Canadian Diamonds.