Holy Crap, Dude, You Just Got Hit by a Train.

From the “I Think We Winged ‘Em” Department ::

Heavy Metal Fan Out of Red Deer Gets Rear Ended by Freight Train

Heavy metal doesn’t get much heavier than a freight train. It appears this guy was sauntering along the railway tracks plugged into his personal sound system listening to the Norwegian heavy metal band Gorgoroth at a duh-zillion decibels and failed to notice the heavy metal train rapidly approaching from the rear.

As he lays there wiggling his fingers and toes to see if everything was connected and in proper order he says to no one in particlular, “Holy crap, dude, you just got hit by a train.” It’s beginning to look like this guy is getting real observant real quick.

Here’s another health risk we can tally up with listening to your music at ‘birth of the universe’ volume.

Hasta La Bye-Bye Señor Doofus – you were a flea hair away from a ‘sure thing’ Darwin Award or at the very least an honourable mention.