National Institute of Nanotechnology Officially Opened

From the “nano nano” Department ::

The new National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT) in Edmonton is officially open. University of Alberta President, Indira Samarasekera says, “We are spectacularly proud to have this facility housed in the city of Edmonton and the University of Alberta.” And rightly so. This facility should attract some of the brightest minds in the nanotechnology field.

The government of Alberta provided $40 million for the project with the balance of funding coming from the National Research Council, Western Economic Diversification Canada and Natural Resources Canada. Total cost of the project was in the neighbourhood of $52 million. That’s a lot of loot – we’re not talking nano-bucks here.

It’s nice to see some of the obscene wealth generated by pump-jacks being pumped back into some serious scientific research. Preston Manning, chair of NINT’s board of trustees summed it up nicely when he told the gathered scientists, “I think many of you have the idea that governments and politicians are only interested in the applications and commercialization of your work,” he said. “But we want you to know, and we want you to know today, that we value you, most of all, for the work you do in increasing our basic understanding of how the world works at a fundamental level.”

Anyhow…, let’s see if we can realize some seriously small things from this monumental edifice and it’s state-of-the-art rigging. In the words of Dr. Bob Wolkow, principal research officer, “The entire package, the resources that have been put together for me, are the best. They are second to none. What you see starting here, it’s hard for a lay person to know, but you’re really looking at facilities that are among the best in the world.”

I’m quite certain this facility is going to attract some of the most gifted and talented students from across Canada and around the world and that’s a good thing. The chance for them to work with some of most gifted and talented scientists the world has to offer can only mean really big things from really small things – nanoparticles.

Those of you interested in reading more can check out the official news release from the University of Alberta in respect to the new National Institute for Nanotechnology.

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